Competition Documentation

The following documentation will help you to prepare your entry to the competition. It will let you know exactly what is required of you and your mini-documentary on “Women and Community”. This competition closes on 31 October 2018.

Information Sheet

The Information Sheet for the Competition will be available here shortly:   Student Documentary Competition Information Sheet

Model Consent Form

The Model Consent Form which must be completed, signed, and scanned and photographed for upload with your video is available here:  Model Consent Form

Please note that you will need a completed, signed form for each person foregrounded by your video.

Entry Form

The entry form will be available here shortly:   Documentary Competition Entry Form

Please note that this will be completed as an on-line form.

Submission Process

To begin the submission process, you will need to register for the competition in order to receive a Competition ID. Your Competition ID will be required for the submission form, and must be used as an identifier for all files uploaded to the competition. It should be used as the first part of all of the files you upload. Your video, for example, might be DK0254.mp4; your first consent form DK0254cf1.pdf; your second consent form would be DK0254cf2.pdf.