“Introduction” to Ubuntu: I am because you are

Two women talking
The Authors of Ubuntu

How does one’s story weave into the tapestry of a diverse community? Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, or Green may have stood for a flag yesterday, but today be splashes of color on a canvas representing unity – identities that stand out on their own, but are made all the more beautiful when mixed into the stories of those beyond them.

We have come a long way. Humanity in all its beauty and history does not only encompass what is within our bounds, but extends to that which may be miles beyond us.

10 years on from the first Big Hope conference, once again Liverpool Hope has brought people from all over the world together as one community. The key themes and objectives of the program are learning, experiences, cultural diversity, faith, wisdom, teamwork, developing curiosity for others and much more. The many elements of the program: the keynote speakers, the learning tracks and even day to day conversation allow us to put knowledge into practice.

The Big Hope 2: Young Leaders Congress has brought us the opportunity to discuss what makes us different; a platform to speak about what it means to be from where we come from. With the themes of freedom, equality, conflict, and change – our team aims to share the beauty there is in diversity. In all of these we stand by the belief that though a thousand things mark us different from one another, we are connected.

Our class, Storytelling, Identity and Community, taught us one main lesson: even though we are from all over the globe, there is more that unites us than separates. With delegates from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines, this was a very engaging and interesting process for us all.

Ubuntu: I am because you are can be downloaded here.