The Project

Articulating Women is multi-organisational, multinational, and multi-disciplinary. It is an International Networking Project in receipt of AHRC funding. The project is supported by a partnership between Bluecoat Arts Centre; Christ University, Bengaluru; FACT; and Liverpool Hope University.

The project is designed to place theoretical concepts of gender in dialogue both with artistic expression and representation and with the experiences of professionals who make on-the-ground interventions (as teachers, volunteer trainers, academic leaders, those in charge of arts organisations). This allows theory to inform, but also to be tested against the expressive and experiential. In the process, the complexities of gender issues, particularly within complex social and cultural, and sometimes multi-cultural, contexts become more visible, highlighting the expectations associated with women’s place in a community. The project facilitates comparative discussions of different cultures and historical periods.

Initiatives associated with the project include:

  • a documentary film
  • a mini-documentary film competition for students
  • film screenings at FACT, Liverpool and in Bengaluru
  • the production of educational materials for teachers and community volunteers
  • an artist in residence at Bluecoat from Karnataka, India
  • conferences for post-graduate students in Liverpool and Bengaluru
  • academic conferences in Liverpool and Bengaluru interrogating the concept of intersectionality
  • leadership capacity building sessions for women in Liverpool and Bengaluru;
  • a program of public events in Liverpool