Hosa Belaku

The impetus for Thomas’s documentary, Hosa Belaku, which means “New Dawn” in the Kannada language, came about when, in 2018, Thomas worked as an intern for Re[View], an initiative associated with the Foundation to Aid Industrial Recovery (FAIR), a not-for-profit society that sifts through videos and images in the public domain and brings the best material to the attention of stakeholders in the development and social sector. “I need to thank my mentor Dr Sashi Sivramkrishna for opening a world of opportunities for me and Dr Shantharaju for laying a foundation to my insights about the field,” Thomas says. The organisation Hosa Belaku, the subject of Thomas’s film, helped to train three groups of remote rural women, including those with disabilities, enabling them to earn a livelihood through hand crafted items prepared with recycled materials. It was designed to build self-confidence and financial independence. After seeing the competition run by Articulating Women, Thomas looked for an appropriate story and decided to use FAIR. “We started the project to reach more women and remind them of their capabilities,” Thomas says.

In addition to the laurels received below, Hosa Belaku has been selected by the URBAN-15 group for screening at the Josiah Media Festival in San Antonio, Texas.