10 December at the Box, FACT, Liverpool

The program starts at 1:00 pm

The screenings will be introduced by Professor Valentina Vitali, University of East London, and will be followed by a discussion. Dr Abhaya (Christ University, Bengaluru) was heavily involved in creating Antanrangada Maatu for the Articulating Women project; she will be present and able to answer questions about its production.

You can download the full program here.

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Now I am Thirteen
dir: Shin Daewe (10 min, Myanmar, 2013)

A conversation with Ma Aye Kaung, who was born during Myanmar’s military government. Ma Aye Kaung lives in Bagan, Myanmar’s best known tourist site, and earns a living for herself and her family herding goats. Although primary education in Myanmar is free, Ma Aye Kaung was never been given the opportunity to learn to read and write.

Mother’s Burden
dir: Cherry Thein (17 min, Myanmar, 2017)

The story of an old single mother’s struggles in rural Bagan and her reflections on her misguided choices for her daughter.

dir: Kunjila Mascillamani (30 min, India, 2017)

Gi lives with Appachan, her grandfather, but they inhabit different realities. Appachan is losing his memory and delving into worlds Gi is unfamiliar with, while Gi tries to come to terms with her work, her lover and communal hostilities.

dir: Diana Saqeb and Malek Shafi’i (60 min, Afghanistan, 2012)

In 2009 the Afghan government adopted a family law that drastically restricts the rights of women. Among other things, it makes it illegal for women to leave their homes without their husband’s consent or to resist their husband’s sexual demands. Diana Saqeb and Malek Shafi’i follow a group of Afghani women as they decide to organise a demonstration in front of the country’s largest religious school, where the Shia law came into being.

Antanrangada Maatu
dir: Aasita Bali (18 min, India, 2019)

The story of Savita, Aruna and Nandini, three women in rural Karnataka who have experienced the sharp end of their culture and decided to challenge its failings. Savita is the daughter of a devadasi, Aruna a social activist and Nandini a representative of women farmers.

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