International Showcase (20 June 2019)

Experiencing Intersectionality: Other Perspectives, Other Lives

An International Showcase at FACT, Liverpool

The showcase aims to be open-minded and intersectional in form and theme, as well as in relation to female identity, and so we welcome contributions from all backgrounds, across art forms and disciplines. Responses might therefore take the form of and/or critically engage with practices such as: photography, film, sculpture, painting, audio, music, archival work, fine art, textiles, creative writing, narrative & literature, virtual/augmented experience, oral history, poetry and performance.

Some topics and questions that potential contributors might consider include:

  • The lived experience of female intersectionality.
  • Identity politics and inclusion; equality and diversity.
  • Postcolonialism and intersectionality.
  • Posthumanism (intersectionality, technology and the body).
  • Representations of women in everyday life.
  • Representations of women in art and media that include more than one type of woman.
  • Is intersectionality a constructive methodology for rethinking and/or disrupting perceived notions of womanhood?
  • What makes intersectionality a useful model for understanding the forms of oppression, challenges and disadvantages that women face?
  • How do experiences of intersectionality collide with narratives of universal human rights?

The call for contributors, together with instructions on how to apply, can be downloaded here.

Proposals and a 1-page CV must be sent to by 26 April 2019