9 December at the Box, FACT, Liverpool

The program starts at 6:00 pm

The screenings will be introduced by Professor Valentina Vitali, University of East London, and will be followed by a discussion. Those involved in Sheroes will be present and able to answer questions about this production, which was made in conjunction with the Articulating Women Project.

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Hosa Belaku / New Dawn
dir: Nirmal Thomas, (7 min, India, 2018)

The winner of Articulating Women’s 2018 Mini Documentary prize. Women in rural Indian are trained to earn a living for themselves and their family by manufacturing traditional artisanal handicraft.

A Million Threads
dir: Thu Thu Shein (16 min, Myanmar, 2006)

Every year on a full moon night in November, thirty women gather at Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda in Myanmar’s former capital Yangon to take part in a competition known as ‘Matho Thingan’. Their task is to weave the finest robes for the temple’s Buddha images. All robes must be finished by dawn.

A Girl in the River: the Price of Forgiveness
dir: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (40 min, Pakistan, 2015)

In Pakistan, more than 1000 women perceived to have compromised the ‘honour’ of their families are reportedly killed each year. A Girl in the River follows Saba, a young Pakistani woman who has survived an attempted honour killing by her own family.

dir: Laura Spark (4 min, UK, 2019)

Children in Bangalore who access programmes delivered by the Centre for Social Action at Christ University and children from Bluecoat’s Out of the Blue art programme celebrate their ‘sheroes’.

dir: Lanka Bandaranayake (11 min, Sri Lanka, 2016)

An old woman adorns a bride with traditional Sri Lankan jewellery. As she describes the symbolic significance of every piece, these meanings bring the young woman back to past relationships and the scars they left.

The Bus Conductor: a Female Bus Driver in Yangon
dir: Ngwe Ngwe Khine (18 min, Myanmar, 2015)

Myat Su Wai is one of Yangon’s first female bus conductors. Ngwe Ngwe Khine’s film follows her as she works, enjoying her job and struggling to combine her long day with bringing up her young daughter.

Lo Sum Choe Sum / 3 Year 3 Month Retreat
dir: Dechen Roder (20 min, Bhutan, 2015)

The traditional ‘3 Year, 3 Month Retreat’ is practiced by Buddhist monks, nuns and other devout practitioners to achieve a higher state of clarity and motivation. By cutting oneself off from the world and delving into the inner mind, the retreat is supposed to transform the practitioner. Can Lhamo, a young, wounded girl facing the harsh gaze of the world, find her own form of redemption?

Kobi Swamir Mrityur Por Amar Jobanbondi / Statement after My Poet Husband’s Death
dir: Tasmiah Afrin Mou (15 min, Bangladesh, 2016)

Rubi once loved her husband very much. Yet, sitting beside her husband’s body at his funeral, Rubi does not feel grief, only a great sense of deliverance. She remembers her life with him and discovers that her beloved husband died, for her, long before his actual demise.

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