Competition Winners: Women and Intersectionality

We are now ready to announce the results of the competition for students and early-career photographers and filmmakers in India. This call invited artists interested in creating a body of work around some of the feminist concerns gripping contemporary Indian landscape. It recognised that the burden of gender equality does not lie with the figure of the woman or with the roles that a woman can acquire, but with the systems that create inequality and oppression. Artistic practices can become a site where the forces that mandate and uphold inequality are exposed and where resistance against structural oppression is articulated. To this end, Articulating Women sponsored a competition for a 10-15 minute documentary film or a photo based work on some aspect of “Women and Intersectionality” including thinking both about the various structures of gender inequality and the role women can play in exposing these systems and resisting them.

We are delighted to announce that three artists have been awarded funding to complete their proposed projects. The quality of the applications was extremely high, making selection difficult, but the winners are:

Anisha Baid, Representations of Technology, Gender, and the Interface

Anisha Baid received her BA of Creative Arts from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She is an artist and writer based in Bangalore, India. Her practice and research involve an investigation of pervasive technologies through an examination of their design, diversity of use, and their relationship with ideas from science fiction. She works with found and archival material – often sourced from the internet to construct narratives that move between fiction and documentary. Poking at the flat-scapes of the computer screen, her work tries to decode computer labour through the interface – a technological tool that has converted most spaces of work into image space. Her work can be found at:

Sudha Francis, “All About Love”

Sudha Padmaja Francis is a filmmaker from Kerala, India. She graduated with a Masters in Creative Enterprise(Film) from the University of Reading, UK in September 2017. She is a recipient of the Felix scholarship for 2016-2017. She completed her first short film in Malayalam titled Eye Test in August 2017, which was her graduation dissertation film at Reading. Eye Test won the National Award for Best Cinematography in 2017, along with other awards, and screened at many international film festivals. Next, she went on to make a 26 minute documentary film, with the help of a PSBT- Doordarshan Fellowship (2018-2019), titled Ormajeevikal ( Memory Beings) based on the sub-altern musical realm in North Kerala. It has screened at various international film festivals and has been shortlisted for the Toto Funds the Arts Award 2020. Prior to that, she also did an MA in Cultural Studies at EFLU, Hyderabad. She has previously presented and published papers on cinema.

Nabanita Roy, “Myriad Voices in Bhawaiya”

Nabanita Roy writes and works from Siliguri. She is currently doing her PhD coursework at the University of North Bengal. Her work focuses on gender, identity and power. Her short film Dondol deals with the concept of dilemma, or ‘Dondol’. Faces of Labor is a short documentary film based on folk song as songs of labor. Her blog, “Noyadosor”, is where she writes and collects poetry.

We look forward to working with these artists over the coming months, and anticipate the outcomes of their very exciting projects.