Conference Highlights

Please join us if you are interested in hearing papers and presentations about the ways in which caste, class, race, gender, and religion– to name just some of the factors– have impacted on women’s ability to pursue fulfilling lives within different societies and communities. As the papers and presentations will make clear, this is a global issue. The day should promote useful discussions around these issues as it highlights not only the constraints placed on women, but also on the ways in which they have been able to empower themselves and rise above these constraints.

Until 15 October, we are still accepting proposals for papers, and will publish a conference programme by the end of October, but we would draw your attention to the following highlights:

  • ¬†Keynote Addresses by Dr Radhika Govinda, Lecturer in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Suryia Nayak, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Salford.
  • A Presentation by Chinar Shah, Artist in Residence at Bluecoat. Chinar Shah is from Bangalore. She will be talking about her work on the politics of gender in India.
  • A Presentation by Eleonora Gatti, United Nations Consultant, about her work on the development of the iWomen app in Myanmar, a project in which she took a leading role for the UNDP.
  • A Presentation by Dr Abhaya on her experiences of producing teaching materials for gender equality training in Bangalore.

As this suggests, discussions will focus on women’s experience within a range of cultures and countries. Accepted papers from postgraduates and early career professionals focus on the politics of gender and women’s experience in the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Please join us. You can register through this link to the Liverpool Hope Online Store.