Documentary Film

We are in the process of commissioning a thirty-minute documentary, and have asked that the film be constructed to disrupt stereotypes while confronting viewers with the complexities of the ways in which gender expectations are transmitted and reinforced within different communities. The film is intended as a prompt for discussions about the barriers to gender equality while acknowledging that such equality may take different forms within different cultural contexts. This approach should help to counter simplistic, sentimental views of women as mere victims. It will highlight women’s determined and creative efforts to overcome situations that place them at a disadvantage or that deny their autonomy, rights, and competence.

The film will play a central role in a range of public engagements initiated by the project. These will include training/ information sessions for volunteer workers in multi-cultural communities; teacher training sessions for students who should have a better understanding of the complexities of gender expectations within different communities or sections of the community; and film screenings and public discussions to enhance sensitivity to complex gender expectations.